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"To Chunyee with friendship and gratitude"

      -Lee Lane

Violist of Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Biography of Lee Lane

Born to a West Texas ranch family, Lee Lane went to high school in Phoenix, Arizona, where an inspiring teacher of a beginning strings class set him on the course for a life in music. He went on to study at the Eastman School of Music, and later with violist Bruno Giuranna on a Fullbright Scholarship to Rome, Italy, where he also married his wife, Susan. After a couople years living and performing in Mexico, he was assistant principal viola in the Minnesota Orchestra before being hired for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1971 by Sir Georg Solti.

Chamber music has always been a great satisfaction to Lee, and he has been active performing chamber music wherever he has lived, and has been a frequent performer on the CSO chamber music series. For over 30 years, Lee has played a fine old viola that he bought from a former CSO violist who had likewise played the instrument for a long time after having bought it from an even earlier CSO violist.

Lee's interests range from biking and fitness to old records, math and 3-D graphics, not to mention the violin. If retirement ever rolls around, Lee doesn't expect to be bored.

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